Proposed Comprehensive Development at Wo Shang Wai, Yuen Long banner
  1. What site works are being carried out at the moment?
    Ground improvement works are now being carried out at the site. The works, which were approved by respective government department, are to temporarily pile up the soil at a height of approximately 3 to 5 meters. The temporary soil embankment will be retained for about 5 months, and then transferred to another portion of the site until the whole site area has been through the process and eventually removed.
  2. How long will it take for the whole process to complete?
    The works was commenced in August 2011 and is expected to complete around the first quarter of 2013
  3. Will this process induce noise and dust?
    We have already erected noise barrier to mitigate the nuisance of noise and dust. The noise level will comply with the noise limit set by the EPD and we have check points to monitor the noise levels.

    To reduce the dust induced, we have set up automatic water sprinkler system at the site, and additionally, water trucks will run regularly within the site to spray water.  We also have check points to monitor the air pollution level to ensure the compliance with relevant requirements set by the EPD.


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