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Project Description
Project Description

In March 2005 the Project Proponent, Profit Point Enterprises Limited, acquired a development site in Yuen Long at Wo Shang Wai, as shown in general layout plan. This area comprises formed land, fish ponds filled prior to the publication of the Mai Po and Fairview Park Interim Development Permission Area Plan, and fragmented and partially filled marshland. The western portion is currently mostly vacant while the eastern portion is currently partly vacant and partly occupied by a mix of uses including open storage uses, container yards and container vehicle parks.

The statutory planning intent is to provide incentives for the restoration of degraded land through comprehensive residential and/or recreational development together with wetland restoration. The underlying planning objective is to encourage the removal of degraded open storage areas in the New Territories and to provide an opportunity to enhance the ambient environment and community structures within the area.

The overarching objective of this Project is thus to formulate a land use system with creative layout design which will simultaneously benefit both the planned residential community and the created wetland and be sustainable in the long term. The Project will allow wetland restoration to be realized in harmony with residential development. It allows an opportunity for innovative ideas to be showcased to demonstrate that it is possible to achieve the planned intent to upgrade degraded areas in the New Territories in a sustainable manner with ecological enhancement to the Wetland Buffer Area within which the development site lies.

The Proposed Comprehensive Development at Wo Shang Wai, Yuen Long is a Designated Project with residential development within Deep Bay Buffer Zone 2. an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Project was completed in 2008 and endorsed by EPD in the same year (Registered No.: AEIAR-120/2008). An Environmental Permit (EP) (Environmental Permit No. EP-311/2008) was granted by EPD on 9 September 2008 for the construction of the Project.

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